Monday, 29 September 2008

What's Your Vacation Destination?

I continue my research today with an E Card from the 'Just Because' section of Blue Mountain. I am taking my first example of the day from Blue Mountain again because of the vast amount of variety availiable at this website.

This card is an interesting conecpt. It is for no particular occasion, making fun and 'cool' to send your friends a card that doubles up as the kind of 'fun' questionaire that Myspace and Facebook users are so fond of.

This is a clever idea because it targets a popular online activity that a) hasn't been targeted by any other company yet (To my knowledge) and b) takes an already tried and tested idea to a whole new level adding graphics, interactivity and sound - whereas you will usually recieve these questionaires in an html or ascII email format.

It asks you a series of questions within a highly forged passport and you click your choice of answer. After a several pages a 'perfect holiday destination' is shown at the end like this:

The card is then programmed to display all of your answers in a statement and reveal your perfect holiday destination. It's quite a nice idea....except the whole card is just a very clever ruse to get you to go to Costa Rica. No matter what combination of answers you put in, it always comes up to tell you to go to Costa Rica and it always shows you this lovely short video of a waterfall.

This is clever and very well made card, but I would neither send it nor like to recieve it as it has absolutley zero purpose. I don't know if this kind of 'Just Because' card would ever take off, but if somebody has gone to the effort to make this very well made, nice looking card then I can only imagine there is a market out there for this kind of thing.

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