Thursday, 25 September 2008

A quick word before the madness…

This is one of the first projects I have begun where I know nothing about the medium I am going to be creating and investigating, which is one of the reasons I have elected to do this brief. I have neither sent nor received an E-Card in my entire life. I don’t know where to buy them, what they look like, what they do or what the current market trends and fashions are with these cards. What I do know is that they use Flash technology and are becoming quite popular and it is with this thought that I go into this project open minded, sound of thought and with willingness to discover and appreciate.

I have decided to write up all of my discoveries, work in progress and detailed analysis in this one document as a ‘blog’. That way I have a log of my daily activities to prove what I have been doing and also a complete historic account of how my work panned out and how my ideas changed whilst working through this brief. After trying and testing this method last year, I believe that this is THE best way to go about documenting your work.

I will of course be enclosing all my sketches, storyboards, concepts, scans, photocopies and other ‘scattered research’ in this very folder. I find this method of working is not only satisfying and easier to time manage, but also provides clearer results for the marker. The only difference this time around is that there will be less writing and more images with captions, so that the reader does not have to spend a ridiculous amount of time going over this entire document.

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