Saturday, 25 October 2008

Captains Log....

Today I did something I never thought I would get the opportunity to do....I made my very own Captains Log for the Starship Enterprise. Now, I know I will never Captain any ship let alone a galaxy class one, but ti was still a ton of fun and the results are very entertaining. My immediate reaction is that it goes on a bit too long...but its quite well done, even if I do sound nothing like Shatner and more like a TV chef. I cannot post the recording here, but what I will do is post some pictures of how I went about recording the voice overs so that the effort I put it can be seen. Even though the vox are all done in a home studio environment I am very chuffed with how they have turned out, but you will have to wait and hear the quality at a later date. Some pic's:

This is where I do the speaking into - the pop shield cuts out any unwanted air hitting the microphones diaphragm and causing any horrible spikes in my wave lengths.

The black block stood on my portfolio case acts as a sound card of sorts, doing all the work that the computer would struggle with and also giving me additional control over the what is being inputted into the computer. The computer itself acts as the recording device and also the sound desk allowing me to mess around with the EQ as I see fit. For instance on this particular recording I used the sound card to boost the Low end of the signal and then pulled it all together with the EQ add-on built into the program I was using to record - which is an Internet download only program called Mixcraft. It's not a particularly advanced program in terms of what you can do with the what you have already recorded But it does allow for multiple layers and come with some basic effects that can be tinkered with to you liking. I used a lot of bass boost to give my voice a stronger sound, but pulled out some of the top end to the loose some the background noise I picked up for the computer whirring around. All this knowledge is stuff I have picked up over the last few years of playing in bands and making cheap demo CD's. Works a treat though!

This is a picture of my rig. I have dual monitors with one out putting through my HD TV so that I can watch whatever I make straight away on a big screen to make sure there is no gaps in the animation, missing colour or lines that sort of thing and also check that the level of sound is correct and that you can hear everything in the mix. Most people will hopefully be viewing my animation not only on their computer in the future so I consider this a valuable skill and habit that I have got into. By doing I get to see what the audience will see - plus watching things on a bigger screen gives you a better sense of reality and allows you to better foresee how an audience is going to react the finished product.

So there you are, I'm working hard. In my next blog I will be animating the Captain so you can expect another Time Lapse of my hard work!

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