Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Deeper into the world of E Cards young Danny travelled and shocked was he to find...

I'm sticking with the research at the moment and enjoying discovering all these brilliant E Cards. There have been some really great ones and I have only shown a couple of my favorites so far, so to even it out I will point out why I don't like the following card:

This card sets out with good intention: getting people to vote. Now I'm not knocking the idea behind, rather the opposite - I think it is a brilliant idea. It also has a good sense of humour and manages to appeal to really its not that it is a 'bad' card at all. The problem is that its just horribly constructed and as a graphic designer/animator you look out for well made pieces of work. This is not one of them and sadly a good sense of humour and good intention cannot hide the fact its all a wee bit slapped together. It also is rather disappointing in that it has zero interactivity included in the piece. You don't even choose to start it, so you would open the email in the office block and your speakers would pump out the ghastly soundtrack that comes with it and probably get you sacked - then you really wouldn't want to vote at all.

Let's indeed get ready to rumble....with this dull, poorly constructed piece of naffery...with good intentions.

Obama and McCain slide on from the sides of the screen and the classic robot boxing game influence immediately becomes apparent. Yes its fun and has a good sense of humor, but come even has the cheesy rocky fight night music in the background.....all the way through. A nice addition is the campaign arguments appearing over their heads....the only problem with it is there have used the worse Army Boot Camp font and it just looks fugly. The cheese factors is only heightened with the ole' red, white and blue flag in the background with each persons head been on their own parties coloured body.

Whateva?!? Are you f***ing kidding me? This really is not a proffessional piece of work. At least spell the bleedin' thing right!

There is a 'scene transition' as the Oval Office slides into the background...a very clunky transition and it all seems a bit bleeeearghOMGBBQ?!! to be honest. The characters aren't cut out well or animated well and the whole thing is very pixelated.

Big American smiles all round with the much over used South Park realistic head animation and we arrive at the front of the message:

This is the only good part of the piece...the end and the point of the entire thing. No matter what you do, you won't forget to vote because you will always remember how crap this E Card you received was, which is perhaps what makes this piece of work so good. Because it is cheap, tacky, obtuse, flatulent, poorly constructed, bullish and has everything your average American will not only recognise but also thinks freedom and America is all about, it manages to become the single best piece of propaganda for the election. This can be sent to every office worker, facebooker, myspacer and spam every email address in America in less than an a half hour and required the budget of one Over-American with access to and limited knowledge of an animation tool.

So I haven't missed the point - I know why it looks like it does, what it has been made for and accept the fact that it really does hit its target demographic and hits them hard - but it still LOOKS like crap, even if it does serve its purpose. But I suppose with the election cost at nearly 80 million dollars, they couldn't really have afforded to hire a professional.

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