Thursday, 23 October 2008

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.... something you will hear said around my house virtually daily as the place comes apart at the seams. Very often there is little I can do about it, but the beauty of this particular 'broke thing' is that it is my own creation and I can do whatever I want with it. In my previous blog I constructed Kirk in Flash (A program I am now definitely not that into....but that is for another blog). and I mentioned at the end I wasn't happy. A few days down the line and I was still not happy, so I decided to redo him. So here is the video - 'Re-Kirk' and at the end there are two pictures - one of the original attempt and one of the current attempt. You can see the second one is much closer to my original sketches.


28:27 condensed into under a minute!

To get a more accurate version of my original drawing, I traced over my character in Flash. The results are much better and I am a lot happier - but I think I will be doing the rest of the animation in FlipBook and exporting it into Flash.

New Kirk

Old Kirk

The differences are easy enough to spot, so I needed point them out - suffice to say I am happier with the newer model. Flash has still distorted him from his original shape - there was one time when I would have been more than happy with this drawing - but now he looks so static and I will only be able to animate him like a marionette puppet. He will be life less and dull looking.... I will post a blog on my hatred for Flash....or rather my realisation that it is not a tool for detailed animation!

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