Monday, 27 October 2008

The Kirk Stomp

With the voices recorded I have cracked ahead with the animation. I had a weekend off because I needed the break and also because of personal reasons. I have moved to a new location and just got my PC back up and running so I'm back in business. This is what I did before the move:


28:09 condensed to 51 seconds.

This is Captain Kirk learning how to skit on the banjo and bang down hard on his Star Fleet Stomp Box. This didn't take as long as I thought it would and I was amazed at how far I could think ahead as I planned to make my character move. All my hard work with Flash and investigation into the difference between computer animation and traditional animation has paid off. I understand now that animating with Flash means making puppets out of your characters rather than endless frame-by-frame work. Because of this realisation I can make things look smooth without going to ridiculous lengths.

Sadly at the moment, I want to be drawing every frame in Flipbook and animation the entire piece...but it isn't possible so I am OK with it. My next project will be completely animated in FlipBook and the sound constructed and placed next to it. I will be going through the animation process from beginning to end to make sure I completely understand how it works and have the experience to go straight into a studio environment.

I worked for a lot longer on the other parts of the E Card, getting the sound in place with Flash is a pain the arse but doable with some hard work. I have placed the Captains Log speech into the animation now and have been tinkering with the transition sequence on the bridge. I have also finished my story board and come up what I think is a fun and original piece of work. It's not the best thing I have ever done, but it is certainly good fun.

I have completed the animation for of the other cards - I animated a short skit a while ago that I have been wanting to put towards my college work because its fun and well constructed. I documented the whole thing as I went along and have all the original sketches....I just need to find them. The only other thing to do then is to construct the E Card that you will get out of the envelope but that isn't an issue. I have also got the idea for my third and final E Card in place and have begun storyboarding that also. I will post that storyboard when it is complete and take you through it to show that I have storyboarded and planned each thing that I have done and not just knocked it all up. My folder with all my original drawings will be evidence of that too.

I haven't got long left to do all of this I might add, I want to do another project before Christmas and I have already planned for that too. I am falling behind on my dissertation reading at the moment, but that is just because I'm really enjoying my studio work. My T&P is coming together and really helping me learn all the skills I need to do my studio work - I am updating that blog a little less regularly, but working behind the scenes. It's all slowly coming together.

See you soon for another update - hopefully with my first ever finished E Card. I will leave you with this sneak preview of the already finished animation for my next E Card....oooo enticing!

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