Monday, 6 October 2008

Message Sent...

I have decided to send some E Cards to get the full overall experience of "E Card-ing". To do this I wish to use free E Cards at first and then hopefully go on to actually send some E Cards that I have to purchase. I have a friend who's Birthday is coming up and I think it is a perfect opportunity to see what this craze is all about!

American Greetings are a huge American cooperation that have recently started snatching up licenses and popular E Card websites in a bid to become the main competition in the E Card market. They own and created the famous characters, Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears - two huge brands around the world. My interest in them began after I was informed that Jacquie Lawson's website had been snatched up by them and has increased I discover just how deep their website goes. In a bid to better understand online cards sending and receiving [E Cards] I elected to try it out for myself using one of the companies that use American Greeting's E Cards, Herein lies documentation of the experience.
is a free website that allows you to send E Cards. So the first task is to find one that I like.

There is plenty of advertising when you arrive.

Some of it is quite good.

There is a good choice of birthday cards.

Some of them really well made.

Some of them not so interesting.

Then there was this one that I really I elected to send this one:

I really liked the music, its a great twist on a classic tune. The animation was smooth and fun. The text being typed to the card reader was a really good idea because it really brought you into the piece. I was actually quite surprised when the dog tore the card from the screen, it caught me off guard because I was really interested in the animation. The way the 'Happy Birthday' letters danced was a nice little touch...and then the animation on the dog was great. Smooth and as fluid as you can get in Flash. A good sense of humour and everything else just finalised my decision: this will be the first ever E Card I send.

So, first I have to join....

[Insert 15 Minutes]

....done that. Not a bad price. A years subscription is only $15.99

So, I have been taken to the next menu where I get to personalise my card with some text. Kind of like writing in the card. Except I think it will probably just appear at the below the Flash animation. I am going to forward it to myself aswell so that I can see how you go about recieving an E Card, so I will find out where the text goes when I recieve it....of course I won't be adding that part to this blog until my friends birthday, which is the 14th October. A really cool feature is that you can stagger the sending of the card so that it arrives on the persons actual birthday. It sounds simple, but it is something I hadn't really considered. That way you have to sit down and send it on the day....kind of like nipping to the shop when you forget your anniversary ;)

I click send. The browser loads. And its gone. Or rather its waiting to go. Kind of an anti-climax. No, 'well done' or pat on the back. Maybe the gratification comes when I get emailed back saying thankyou....possibly with a thank you E Card.

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