Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mike Dietz

As with all my previous project's blogs, I often find myself covering talented artists and animators from around the world and this one is no exception. After spending time writing about 'The animator on Earthworm Jim 1' I took the time to track a name down to put to the work and that name is Mike Dietz.

Mike has worked on loads of fantastic projects and has a wide range of skills as you can see from his video reel here:

He has a blog here: which has loads of great original drawings and work.

After seeing his work and been unable to 'Subscribe' to his posts I have sent him a warm comment to tell him just how impressed I am with his work and also how impressive I find his work.

Dan said...

Hi Mike. Im a big fan of your work and I didn't even realise it! I am currently studying Animation at Bradford College in the UK and doing research to make some animated E Cards. I have played nearly every game you have animated on and each time come away really impressed with the smooth animation within and only now at University have I found out that you were the person behind all of this great work I have drooled over for many years of my life.

I was writing about your work on Earthworm Jim, not even knowing who you were, so I figured instead of referencing you as the "Animator on Earthworm Jim" it would best to find out who your were. I found your name under 'Animating Director' for the Mega Drive (Or Genesis as it was called in America) game and tracked you down. After visiting your website and watching your animation reel, feeling really impressed and inspired, I found you had a blog.

I am really pleased to have found you on Blogspot and have access to all of your fantastic work. If you could take the time to comment on the blog I am making about you it would be most appreciated. I would hate to drop the ball and state anything that wasn't true about your work, so feel free to correct me as the information I am working with is very limited! If you are feeling particularly smiley when reading this, any information you have at all on yourself (I have read your CV, all of your blogs and bio's on the internet) would be greatly appreciated. I would love to know what it was like work on Earthworm Jim and many of your other great projects!

Thankyou for your time!

Your newest fan,

The blog about your work is here

My previous blog is all about his work....I just wanted to show I have taken the time to find the man behind the marvelous work the marvelous work that has inspired me since I was a kid!

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LoOK said...

Hello, friend! I am great fan of Mike Dietz's works too. Here, I posted many of his animated sprites that I riped by myself:
Also, I'm working on fan-game about Earthworm Jim: