Monday, 13 October 2008

The plot thickens....

As part of this brief, I am supposed to be making cards for Hallmark. Individual cards that stand out and catch peoples attention. They are trying to extend their production line into the E Card market and more specifically into the American E Card market. I can see why after seeing the figures from Jacquie Lawson's website. A giant like Hallmark should be able to just storm in destroy the place, taking over peoples trust and taking their money at the same time - but they might have a tougher job ahead of them than I previously thought! My inside man has once again tipped me off to a source of good information. Cheers, T.

The E Card that I talked about in my blog: was actually created by a company called Sugarqube and the 'Envelope' I mention in said blog was infact part of their product; something which they were recognised by - kind of like the Hallmark stamp or the lions on eggs. So if we go to visit their website @, what should we find but this:

Eaten alive by American Greetings!

But it goes deeper still. Here is a list of all the companies that have been snatched up by the E Card giant that is American Greetings!


The one that immediately stands out to me is If you google E Cards, it is the first website that comes up. I considered using this site over because I liked the products they offered and it was one of the more convincing and 'safe' looking websites that I had found. But it turns out no matter which I had chosen, my money would have gone straight to American Greetings. As Hallmark tries to break through into the American market with E Cards, I get the impression that American Greetings will be their biggest opponent and in this war the deciding factor won't be what products they offer, but rather ease of use and pricing.

The fight is on!

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