Sunday, 5 October 2008


A very kind gentleman by the name of, T [My source on the inside] has replied to my email to Jacquie Lawson and sent me some interesting information about her website.

In his email he tells me that Jacquie's website has in fact been bought out by a big American company called American Greetings.

Thank you very much, T. I will now go over the data I here to see if we can figure out just how popular E Cards are. How often they are sent, who they are sent by and where they are sent the most is the kind of thing I have been aching to find out about E Cards, because without this information I don't even know my target audience.



From analysis of the statistics, I have determined that the people visiting Jacquie's website are predominantly American females over 50 years of age! This confirms my original thoughts that it was most likely going to be women sending E men generally don't even send real cards, but to find out that the majority of cards sent from this website have been women over 50 is very interesting. I always believe that the over 50 category were not that well acquainted with the internet and modern technology like personal computers, but these statistics prove that not only are they very aware, they have done something I have yet to do and actually sent E Cards to people. This is very interesting indeed.

Further analysis shows that these women are generally caucasian, earning between $0 - $30k a year, with no college education behind them. My initial reaction to these stats is one of shock. I cannot believe the age of the mass majority of senders. In no way am I suggesting that older people are less capable of using the internet to its potential, but these results are just the opposite of what I was expecting. Although, now I have seen these results I find they actually make quite a lot of sense. It would seem some of the 'normal' card trends have carried over into the world of E Cards quite easily. This demographic is one that I would associate with the consumption of the Greeting Card product and in retrospect I feel quite silly for not anticipating that it would be near the same in an online environment.

This should really help to decide my target audience, but I still have questions about whether you can indeed target a younger demographic and encourage them to send and recieve E Cards not only on special occasions, but also 'Just for Fun'.

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