Saturday, 18 October 2008

This ship needs a Captain!

And who should I be, you ask? Captain Kirk with his gallant shivelry and over eagerness to physically assault everybody? Captain Picard with his wit, intellect, interest in all things seemingly benine but frustratingly fascinating? Captain Janeway with her ability to get her ship stuck 7 Billion light years away from home on her maiden voyage?

NO! None of the captain is William Shatner! A cameo as himself as captain!

.....alright its Kirk, I chose him because he is the most amusing; not because he is the best Captain (Because he isn't....that honor is Picard's!). I also chose him because he was the most fun to caricature, the best to satire and parody and also the most likely to play the banjo!

Here are some images and then a short video of me creating the character in Flash (A program I find myself less and less fond of...)

Yes it is a terrible stereotype suggesting all people from the Deep South are inbred and play banjo....but it is funny! It's not a normal thing for kirk to be doing though....

..........That's more like it!

Photon Torpedo's FIRE!!!

Back to the Deep South jokes though....Here's Jim blowing the old jug.

And here he is delicately playing the triangle!

I should probably apologise for the image quality....but I'm not going to. These are only rough sketches, getting the depth and what not right. I can trace completed images off of them if I want, but I don't want to seeing as how they are references for when I draw them into the computer, that is when they get polished up - like they are immediately been drawing into a Cel.


32 Minutes work condensed to 11 Seconds...

I'm not sure I'm happy with Flash anymore. It really transforms your drawings. The computerised version looks no where near as good as my original sketches....I might redo him but trace over one of my drawings. We'll see, I want to get this project finished....

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