Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Once upon a time (And I realise this may be very hard to accept), Cavemen ruled the Earth. Their 'advanced' knowledge allowed them to create tools, live in make shift homes and communities and also, it is commonly accepted throughout the world of entertainment, were the ones to discovered fire. But there must have been a point where they hadn't discovered fire, before they discovered fire, where after they had discovered it they could use fire, whereas previously they couldn't use it because it hadn't yet been discovered...

...Do you follow? Me neither.

Anyway, I only bring it up because it concerns my next E Card! What was it like before humans discovered...FIRE!?! Below are all of the concept drawings for the characters and even a drawing of the very cave where fire WASN'T discovered....

This piece of animation was done a while ago but I have been eager to put it towards a college project for some time because I believe it is a good short cartoon. i believe this project gave me the perfect opportunity.

My drawing style has certainly come on since.

The envelope for this particular E Card works very well. You have to click to open the envelope and then, click to open the card. I like this minimal interactivity because it doesn't stunt the piece and hold it up but it does get the user involved with the card like you would with a real card.

Fire has done a lot for us over the years to be fair to it, kept us warm, lit up dark places and opened up a whole new world of culinary delicacies; but it has also been quite harsh. It took a fair while to turn up i.e. was considerably late to the dinner party, it robbed us of our capital city (Though at the same time it rid us of a plague that historians and scientists are fairly certain would have wiped us out) and generally has this nasty habit of burning things that we would rather not have burned. Again I go back to our food. But now it even opens E Cards for us...so we can't really knock it to be fair.

But discovering fire cannot of been as easy as people thought. I prefer the Spongebob Squarepants theory of fire discovery to most other methods shown in the entertainment medium over the years, even though it is probably the most unlikely. My point, anyway is that fire discovery might have taken quite a few years of somebodies life, thus in this next E Card we see the scientist hard at work trying to discover fire and as we join him he believes he has discover fire!!! We join him on the break through as he shows it off to his bestest friend in the whole wide world...but unfortunately he has a nasty surprise in store for the scientist.

The square in the images is the camera tool that I use in Flash...which is great tool seeing as Flash doesn't have its own built in camera. I was built by a very talented programmer whose name suddenly eludes me...

So there you go. Two E Cards down and one to go. In my next blog I will be posting all the concept art and the Storyboard for my final 'Just For Fun' E Card in my 'What was it like before humans discovered...' series.

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