Friday, 14 November 2008


Dingaling! Finished! Whoop!

After starting this blog in September I can now officially report I have just finished my last E Card.....animation. At the time of writing this I am just taking a healthy break before I make the envelope for it and animate and script the play back features. But I need a break and other than my evaluation this will be my last entry. I was hoping to have this project finished last week, last Friday to be exact - thus there has been a weeks delay, but I have knocked out another cartoon (Albeit not my finest piece of work) in that time so yey me! Later on today I will find myself in conversation with Al Jean of Simpson's writer fame amongst other things and he won't know my name, anything about this blog or even that I got up at 7 this morning to get this piece of crap finish.

I have officially got bored of Flash. I want my next project to be something I can show off. When people ask: "O you're an animator...where can I see your work" I want to be able to go: "Boom baby. Go here! Everybody friggin' loves me and my mad animation skills - fancy some drinks sometime?" Exactly like that. I don't like this animation. When I animate I am constantly finding ways to cut corners - I make Hanna Barbera look like amateur corner cutters.... - in this instance I didn't just cut the corner, I drove a bulldozer through the building on the corner and then some.

It's quite a lazy piece of work to say the least and in the end it looks a lot better than it did say, a couple of nights ago. I still don't like it and it really does look like a step backwards in my animation. That is why I am so eager to get it done so that I can start my next piece and just crack on with some REAL animation. Some FBF stuff, with at least every second frame being a new drawing. Applying all the new skills I am have learned into a competent and clever finished piece that I can show off to people and can send off to be entered into next years animation festivals to start making a name for myself.

Anyway. Here are some screenshots.

Who's this pesky critter lurking round the corner?

Sam the Sea Gull mother-licker!


Scared....I would be too.

What I found was that I was watching a very bright and happy mugging - rather than the dirty gritty mugging (As muggings should be) that I had in my mind. Let me show you what I mean.



These basic lighting effects really bring the piece to life. For some reason they won't go next to each other so that you can see it clearly, but there is a lot more atmosphere with the lighting and it really helps bring to life what was to me very dull piece of animation. So just the card to go. Then I need to write the disc and organise everything into a folder. Then onto newer and better things!

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