Sunday, 2 November 2008


Fritz the Cat represented a landmark in the world of animation. At the time, children and teenagers went and watched cartoons, but the 1960's opened up endless doors in the entertainment industry. It's easy to see why people get frustrated with Family Guy and its mass of fans believing they are treading new ground....when in actual fact its not even close to the over the top, crushingly real world of Fritz the Cat. Drug abuse, sex, violence, racism, antisemitism and more are all exposed and appropriately done away with in the short 79 minute classic piece of cult cinema.

The dirty drawing style, with its crude lining, poor colouring and endlessly detailed backgrounds of a very dirty, very run down NYC are the perfect device for this often erratic and daringly stated movie. Every other minute of the film the sex crazed lead cat is chasing some woman around screen and more often than not successfully screwing her in a flurry of eagerly animated positions. Never have you felt more disgusted to recognise how truthful this piece of work is! It tears open the seams guarding the bosom of humanities darkest desires and secrets and joyously laps away at the the contents we so often refer to as 'dignity'.

Though, what it really does most successfully do is break down barriers in your imagination. I don't think I've ever been as close to endorsing the idea of free love as I have been as I sit and chuckle away at this cartoon. As Fritz starts his own cultural revolution, I too believe him. He preaches in the street about 'strawberries & cream' and suddenly I hate the fat cats, I hate the big cheeses, I hate the narks and the oppression of freedom and I am one with everything this movie is telling me. I believe it because I don't think anything I have seen has ever been so starkly honest and brutal about the truth and it is only helped by the removal from reality that only a cartoon can bring to something. We are all animals, we all want to get drunk & high and screw each other and we all just want to lounge around do it every single day.

But at the same time, I want none of those the things. I have carved my own path already and I like where its going, but I know now that no matter what I choose to do Fritz the Cat will always be with me and all my ideas will consider his input.

The next day I get up out of bed and put on a shirt and smart trousers and go to work.


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