Monday, 10 November 2008

Here are a couple of vids from my final E Card. I have worked the majority of today on this one and its about 1/6th complete. I working slightly with Flash this time. Doing the scenes in one file, then exporting them into another and putting them in order. This is because I am working with a complicated sound file and syncing the animation is very difficult. I want the piece to be quite skittish and shocking to the senses as its watched. We are talking about a mugging....realistically, though it is a cartoon mugging. But I still want it to be quite effective. My brain is tired from working so I can't articulate very well. So the vids:


This a collection of the scenes im working on.


This is the video that im steadily putting together from the part I have animated in the video above. This allows me to sync the images perfectly with the sound without having to split the sound file into a hundred different pieces.

I am now completely tired of Flash and ready to start bringing my animation to life in a different program. My next brief will definitely be a challenge, but purely from an animation perspective. I am tired of fannying about with all Flash's little nuances and pretending that it is an animation program when it quite clearly isn't. And it can't output videos for shit.


R.E.II™ said...

I don’t know what version of MX you are using to drive this perhaps I need to read your previous posts but I tried playing around with the entire suit including flash, fireworks, dreamweaver etc and came nowhere near this. In fact, in terms of sound, I only got as close as embedding mp3 in not too complicated movies I was able to create at the time. In my story, I would be glad if you could be the following character graphic director/artist…Ill add a link accordingly

I was under the impression that Flash animations had no limit, that ones imagination is the limit! And you appear to be unsatisfied with this? If you are unsatisfied with this, then you must be well driven which in my little opinion is just as important if not more important than seeking perfection.

I am looking forward to what happens next

Dan said...

I am using CS3 Prof. I would be more than happy to be in your story - send me the link when you get the chance :D

I think Adobe would like to have you believe that Flash has no limitations, at one point I would have agreed with that statement. But as I have learned more about animation I have found that my interest in traditional animation and my need to recreate things from the Golden Era are extremely stunted by this program. I have nothing against it and will continue to use it, but I will use it for its intended purpose: websites, banners and basic computer animation.

I look forward to the next chapter in your story :)