Thursday, 13 November 2008

Seconde Classe

Seconde Classe - which can be seen here is a short animated film from French animator/director Boris Belghiti. It is one of the films he made as a student I believe. This is his blog.

I saw this at the Bradford Animation Festival on Wednesday & just wanted to note it down as it was one of three stand out pieces and for me it was the the best of the three. It is about a man who just wants to get some sleep on the train to work, but is interupted by all sorts of annoying distractions. He eventually ends up losing his temper in an hilarious series of events. We have all had to get the train to work at some point or another and this animation didn't just hit home with me. It was the first time the audience had laughed out loud throughout the ten cartoons that were shown and it was a well chosen laugh too, because it really was well done. Well timed, well drawn and something that every single person has dreamt of doing. Just completely losing it for once, instead of putting up with all of the bullshit.

Love his line work.

Fantastic background design and use of computer animation on the train.

Good character design really sets this piece apart. It is very French-American.

Fun fun drawings that make me happy inside :)

I shall be following Boris' work closely as I really did enjoy this piece of work. Quality stuff. In particular his use of technology with traditional techniques really paid off. The background design was quality and his 3D and computer animation was used sparingly enough and disguised well enough to never be too invasive. The use of the camera in particular was very good. With its constant uncontrollable wobbling you really felt like you were in the carridge with the characters. Really love this piece of animation :)

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